Why All Athletes Should Get Regular Massages

Professional athletes have long experienced the benefits of regular massage therapy. But if you’re an amateur athlete—whether it’s hitting the court regularly at your gym or competing in intramural or local community sports activities, massages are your ticket to optimizing performance.

Massage increases your flexibility

That’s right, if you find your muscles are a bit tight, regular massage can help loosen them up and, as a result, increase your flexibility and range of motion. How? Massage strokes increase blood flow to your muscles and fascia, which relives tension in your muscles.

Massage decreases inflammation

Strenuous activity taxes the cells in your body, leading to inflammation, pain and discomfort. Regular massage helps your body increase the energy it needs to heal the cells and reduce inflammation. Consider a CBD oil massage at Ella Bliss Broadway in Denver for added relief from inflammation.

Massage reduces chronic pain

Our bodies are a big bundle of nervous system fibers that are capable of transmitting pain. Of course, chronic pain can often disrupt sleep, the time when your body tries to heal itself. Massage can help you turn the tables on your nervous system by releasing endorphins that lessen pain and reduce overall stress—all of which can help you heal faster.

Massage can improve your form and posture

You may have known about the previously mentioned benefits, but we bet this isn’t one you’ve considered! If you think about it, it makes sense. When you experience soreness from activity, you start to compensate in other ways without realizing it, holding your body differently. With regular massage, your therapist can target areas of pain or tightness, restoring your form and posture.

Massage helps prevent injury (and improve performance)

Consider this. You’re getting regular massages. Your flexibility and range of motion are better than ever. You’re not experiencing as much pain as you used to. With less pain and tension, your sports form is on point, which makes you less likely to injure yourself. You’re relaxed, alert, feeling loose and strong. Sounds good, right? The benefits of massage for athletes in Denver just get better over time—as will your performance!

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