Which Nail Shape Is Right for You?

Are you confused about all the different nail shape trends out there? Not sure how to pick the one that’s most flattering for your fingers? Not to worry—Ella Bliss to the rescue.

Nail shapes are really about more than just what’s trending. Much like hair, nail lengths and shapes look better on some hands than others. Here’s a helpful guide to make it easier for you to find the right shape. Once you know what to go with, make a manicure appointment at your favorite Denver-area Ella Bliss location.

Round Nails

Simple, classic, no-fuss round nails create the appearance of longer fingers while still keeping the length nice and manageable. They’re perfect for softening the look of short, wide fingers and wide nail beds.

Square Nails

Square nails are another classic style, one that adds a little extra elegance. Given the squared-off look, this shape works best on people with thin hands and long, slim fingers.

Oval Nails

With its slightly extended length and smooth, even shape, the oval style works best for those with short and wide nail beds and fingers.

Almond Nails

The almond shape is very similar to oval with the exception of one key difference—it narrows more at the tip. This shape is pretty versatile, giving shorter fingers the appearance of length and a slimming effect, and enhancing hands with long, slender fingers. It’s a win-win.

Ballerina/Coffin Nails

Are you a fashionista? If so, you’ll love this fashion-forward (but still easily manageable) shape. Long nails are tapered in at the sides and feature either a narrow, rounded tip or a squared off tip.

Stiletto Nails

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Talk about dramatic. Along with ballerina/coffin nail shapes, stiletto nails have taken over as the trendiest style. But this shape is less about hands and more about attitude. Extra long. Extra sharp. Extra narrow. Do you have what it takes to rock it?


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