Services That Go From Summer to Fall

Labor Day marks the traditional end of summer—although this, year we got a bonus snowstorm too! But despite the crazy weather, we don’t think it’s quite time to pack up the summer beauty trends. So let’s take a look at some of the hair, makeup and nail styles we love that you can still rock as we say a long goodbye to summer and welcome in the fall.

Keep It Copper

Copper nails pick up the best tones of both summer and fall, making it the perfect transitional color. From vibing with pretty corals on the beach to embracing the pumpkin spice flavor of fall, we love the versatility of this shimmery shade. Try glamming it up with a foil accent nail!

Image: Instagram @nails_and_blinks758

Be a Denim Diva

We adore the matte denim-blue nail trend from summer. So as you change from cutoff shorts to your favorite skinny jeans, keep your nails looking as cool as you in beautiful blue.

Image: Instagram @cookapl

Beachy Wave Blowout

One thing we can all agree on—beachy waves look good on anyone, any time of year. So don’t think you have to go silky smooth just because warm summer breezes have turned into cool autumn wafts. Keep your blowout full of volume and see how those waves can look just as good under a beanie as they do a floppy beach hat. Or, punch it up with a half-braid!

Image: from the Ella Bliss Insta

Imperfect Shagadelic Perfection

For a few months during quarantine, we all had to forgo the help of stylists and make do with the hair we had. And we discovered something—shaggy, tousled hair is cool. Even though blowouts are back in action, we’re seeing this deliberately imperfect style sticking around for a while, especially with grown out curtain bangs.

Image: Instagram @madisonvillohair

Terra Cotta Tints

Summer makeup featured bold, monochromatic looks and we were here for it! The trends can continue into the fall, especially with one of this year’s most popular color trends—terra cotta eyeshadow. Full, sweeping coverage works for pretty much every eye color!

Image: Instagram @victoriashanine

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