Men’s Beer and Pedicure Happy Hour

Let me start off by saying, “Your significant other will love and appreciate that you got a pedicure!” So even if you don’t read anything else in this post, that should be enough for you to get one.

At the beginning of the Summer, I hosted a Men’s Beer and Pedicure Happy Hour at Ella Bliss in Denver and want to share some highlights of the event. Sixteen guys got pedicures and, for 10 of them, it was their first time. It was as simple as grabbing a beer and picking a chair!

salon chairs and cocktails

Pedicures should be an essential part of every man’s grooming regimen. Take care of your feet and they will take care of you. It starts with your feet soaking in a warm water with salts and skin softeners and then the real work begins with removing calluses and trimming your nails.

men at a salon

During sandal and flip-flop season, make sure your feet look presentable or keep your shoes on. If you have foot odors, using foot sprays will only make the problem worse. I cannot recommend a pedicure enough because the washing, sanitizing, and exfoliation you get removes the layers of dead skin, dirt, and bacteria that create the odor. It will leave your feet soft and nails well groomed, something your significant other will truly appreciate.

No one says you have to get color on your toes unless you are daring. Surprisingly, ten of the guys at my event went for it and got some color on those toes. I always get black and have been for years – I consider it a conversation starter. Taking care of your feet is something every man should do, so get out there and get a pedicure.

men getting pedicures

convention booth

A special thanks to Mindy Collins of for taking pictures at the event!!!


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