Powder vs. Pencil: What’s the Best Way to Fill Brows?

We’ll admit, we were relieved when pencil-thin brows finally fell out of popularity and began getting replaced with fuller, striking brows. Of course, now we have a new conundrum: not everyone has thick, luscious natural brows to work with.

To get that perfect shape and shade, you turn to powders and pencils and pomades (oh my!). But how do you know which product will help you achieve the right brow? Let’s take a look at brow powders vs. brow pencils and talk about which product should be the one you reach for every morning.

Eyebrow Powder

Simple and easy to use, eyebrow powders are a nearly foolproof way to enhance your brows.

When to Use It

Eyebrow powders are ideal for creating a soft look by augmenting your natural brows and filling in thin spots. It’s perfect if you prefer to keep things low maintenance, or if you’re new to using eyebrow products. Just about anyone can use eyebrow powder to achieve a nice, soft effect.

How to Use It

You’ll want an angled brush for the best application. Coat in the powder and tap off the excess. Then, use a light hand to sweep it in the direction of your hair growth.

Pro Tip: Start near your arch rather than at the front of your brow—this will prevent you accidentally creating dark, angry-looking brows!

Eyebrow Pencil

Everyone reaches for a pencil first, but this tool isn’t ideal for everybody.

When to Use It

As with a drawing, eyebrow pencils give you a lot of control over your brow application. You can use a pencil to even out asymmetrical shape, add definition (especially to your arches), and fill in sparse tails.

How to Use It

It’s easy to get heavy-handed with a pencil, so you’ll want to spend some time practicing. As with the powder, you don’t want to start at the front of your brows, which could lead them to looking over-drawn. Use quick, short, feather-like strokes in the same direction as your hair growth.

Pro Tip: You can soften the look of penciled brows by using a light brush of brow powder as a finishing touch.

Still Not Sure Which to Choose?

You don’t have to load up on different products just to try out the options. Your Ella Bliss brow specialist can work with you on brow shape (and brow tint!), and you can meet with an Ella Bliss makeup artist to find the right brow product and learn the best way to apply it.


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