Oh-So-Sweet Elite Memberships

Membership definitely has its privileges! You already know about the great perks available to all members, but did you know there’s a way to earn some exclusive blissful benefits?

There’s no secret handshake or additional cost—anyone who has been an Ella Bliss member for two or more years is automatically upgraded to our highest membership tier: Elite status. And it pays to be Elite! Your upgraded benefits will include:

  • More bliss to go around – Love our “Share the Bliss” benefit? As an Elite member, you can share with up to 3 friends a month instead of just 1.
  • Birthday bliss – Enjoy a complimentary full-size beverage and a free upgrade (up to $20) during your birthday month.
  • Party perk – When you have something to celebrate, do it here! We’ll waive our party lounge rental fee once a year so you can host an event.
  • Exclusive promos – You’ll get offers and specials not available to regular members.
  • Extra-personal attention – Have questions or suggestions? Planning a big event? You’ll have access to a private email address to contact the owners directly.

So book your next appointment and ask how close you are to being an oh-so-sweet Elite member!


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