New Services Alert: Lash Lift, Brow Lamination & Hybrid Lashes!

We’re always scouring the latest beauty trends to find new ways to keep our Beauty Bar members looking and feeling their best. This month, we’re so excited to tell you about THREE beautiful new lash and brow services designed to make your eyes pop like crazy.

Hybrid Eyelash Extensions

Hybrid lashes are a happy medium between classic eyelash extensions and full volume lash extensions, resulting in lashes that look nice and full while retaining a more natural look.

Think of it this way. Classic extensions have a 1:1 ratio of false lashes to natural lashes. Volume extensions add 3-5 false lashes for every natural lash. Hybrid extensions aim for a 50-50 mix, highlighting and augmenting your natural lashes to give them extra fullness.

Book your hybrid extensions appointment at Denver/Broadway and Highlands Ranch Ella Bliss locations.

Lash Lift

Do you hate using an eyelash curler? Wish your lashes had a “I woke up like this” look of curled perfection? You need a lash lift!

This service uses a special solution to shape your lashes upward with a realistic curve. Your lashes will look fuller, your eyes will look bigger and you’ll love having beautiful no-fuss natural lashes that are the envy of your friends. To add even more wow, have your lashes tinted at the same time.

Book your lash lift at Denver/Broadway, Highlands Ranch and Greenwood Village Ella Bliss locations.

Brow Lamination

Full, brushed up eyebrows are all the rage right now. For those who don’t have brows that do this naturally, the options have been somewhat limited. If you’re not crazy about the discomfort of microblading, Ella Bliss is thrilled to bring you the option of brow lamination!

Like a lash lift, brow lamination uses a special lotion to help your brows keep that full, defined, brushed-up look for up to six weeks. The service only takes about 35 minutes and is super easy to upkeep. Pair this with a brow tint and you’ll be set for weeks!

Book your brow lamination at Denver/Broadway, Highlands Ranch and Greenwood Village Ella Bliss locations.


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