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Ella Bliss Drink Menu

What makes Ella Bliss Beauty Bar different? While getting your nails done, coming in for a relaxing massage, or getting a pre-event blowout, we’ll serve you a custom cocktail, glass of champagne, glass of wine, or other drinks of your choice!

First-time guests and members at Ella Bliss receive a complimentary drink. Choose from our custom cocktail list at our Denver beauty bar location, including Blonde Moment, Ella Rita, Bubbles and Bliss, and more. Or choose champagne, wine, craft beer, champagne cocktails, and more at all locations.

Our hand-selected red and white wines are served out of a custom-made Italian wine dispenser from Florence, Italy — and each glass is served at the perfect drinking temperature. Since we know Coloradans love their craft beers, we also have a variety of local brews to choose from.

We have plenty of non-alcoholic options, including a tasty variety of specialty coffee beverages from our beautiful Swiss-made coffee machine.

*Cocktails only available at the Denver location


First time guests receive complimentary beverage and Member pricing!

  • Full Pour $6.50


    • Principato Vigneti, Pinot Noir

      Well structured, with flavors of red berries.

    • Monogamy Cabernet Sauvignon

      Blackberry, black cherry, cassis, and plum with a smooth velvety texture.

    • Line 39, Petite Sirah

      Strong aromas of wood smoke and charcoal coat ripe blackberry flavors in this full-bodied wine.

    • Hayes Valley, Merlot Central Coast

      Bright red cherry and ripe strawberry with subtle undertones of dried spices and green tea leaf.


    • Middle Sister Chardonnay

      Amazing aromas of lemons, pears, and honeysuckle.

    • Benvolio Pinot Grigio

      Vibrant on the palate with peach, almond, and light floral notes.

    • The Seeker Sauvignon Blanc

      Refreshing and vibrant with flavors of lime, grapefruit, and sweet summer herbs.

    • Cavit Moscato

      Refreshing, lively and balanced with a vibrant effervescent quality.

    *brands and wine variety subject to availability

  • All Beer $5.00
    • Coors Original

    • Corona Light

    • Angry Orchard Hard Cider

  • Signature Cocktails $9.00
    • Strawberry Unicorn

      Our take on a Moscow Mule made with vodka, ginger beer, and strawberry puree. Garnished with a lime.

    • Ella Rita

      Part champagne, part margarita, 100% delicious. Made with champagne, tequila, triple sec, and lime juice

    • Blonde Moment

      Made with iced cake vodka, amaretto, pineapple juice, and a splash of grenadine

    • Pretty in Pink Martini

      A pink lemondrop martini with a sweet surprise! Made with vodka, pink lemonade, and a sugared rim

    • There's Something About Mary

      A spiced bloody mary served with a spiced rim

    • Bliss on the Beach

      Pineapple, mandarin, and orange sparkler with a splash of vodka and grenadine

    • Make Me Blush

      A Shirley Temple all grown up. Made with vodka, lemon-lime soda, and a splash of grenadine

    • Drop it Like It's Hot

      A hot latte made with sweet Bailey's Irish Creme

    • Cocoa Loco

      Hot chocolate and Bailey's Irish Cream

  • Full Pour $7.00
    • Mimosa

      Champagne and orange juice

    • Pink Mimosa

      Champagne, orange juice, and grenadine

    • Bubbles and Bliss Mimosa

      Champagne, orange juice, pineapple juice, and grenadine

    • Truly Hard Seltzer $5

    • Paul Chevalier Champagne $5/$6.5

    • Lunetta Prosecco 187ml $9

    • Lunetta Rose 187ml $9

  • Non-alcoholic drinks
    at all hours
    Espresso Shot $2.50
    Hot Coffee $2.50
    Latte $4.50
    Soda $2.50
    Lemonade $2.50
    Cappuccino $4.50
    Hot Tea $2.50
    Iced Tea $3.00
    Hot Chocolate $2.50
    Pelligrino/Perrier $3.00
  • Bliss Buckets
    • 187 ml Champagne, Rose, or Prosecco

      Choose from 3 Bottles $25, 6 Bottles $50, or 10 Bottles $85

    Mix & Match Beer Buckets
    • Choose from 3 Bottles $13, 6 Bottle $25, or 10 Bottles $45

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