Why Massages Are So Important for Self-Care

This year has certainly thrown us all for a loop. But one important lesson we can take away from this challenging time is that we have to learn to be kinder to ourselves. To let go of the stress and need to control everything. And to make sure that no matter what is going on in our lives, we need to take care of our bodies and minds.

Massages are really the ideal investment in self-care. More so than any so-called beauty treatment, massages are all about being in tune with your body and the mind-body connection. Just think about it:

…Soft, soothing music lulls your mind into a state of stillness.

…Your massage therapist tackling the tense spots and kneading away the tension.

…Warm, fragrant oils ease your muscles and stimulate relaxation through your senses.

You can picture it, right? But it goes even deeper than this ~amazing~ mental image. Massage has real, tangible benefits so important with self-care.

  • Feeling an overall sense of yuck? Massage strokes can stimulate your lymphatic and immune systems, which helps detoxify your body and keep you feeling healthier
  • Having trouble sleeping? Going to bed with relaxed and loosened muscles can help you fall asleep faster and enjoy a more restful night.
  • Suffer from tension headaches? By focusing on certain pressure points on your body, your massage therapist can help ease your pain.
  • Anxious all the time? Massage boosts endorphins, the hormones that make you feel more energized and at ease. (Tip: Consider a CBD massage upgrade!)

With Ella Bliss safely open and taking all the health precautions we need to keep our staff and clients healthy, we invite you to indulge in a little self-care with us and let our experienced massage therapists bring your mind and body into a happy place.

And here’s a little deal to help you out: Buy a bundle of 3 massages for just $165. That’s only $55 per service!

Contact your favorite Ella Bliss Beauty Bar in the Denver area for this limited time massage deal.


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