Makeup Looks We’re FALLing For

As we make the transition from summer to fall, it’s also time to transition our makeup looks into the new season. For inspiration, we looked to some of the fall styles we saw at Fashion Week and picked our favorites to share with you. Try them out for yourself, or make an appointment with your favorite Ella Bliss makeup artist for a more professional hand.

 Minimal (or Maximal) Glitter

All that glitters is BOLD! Glitter was everywhere at the fall fashion shows this year, but it only came in two speeds: minimum and maximum. While some models were decked from eyes to lips in glitter, we’re big fans of really playing up the glitter on the eyes while keeping the rest of the face super simple and clean.

Instagram @magicbyanj

A Dash of Neon

Neon has been a hot trend for a while, but some people think it’s only for summer. Not us! The trick to pulling off the neon look well into fall is to keep it toned down. Go for a more neutral look for your face, and then use the touch of neon as eyeliner or a sweep of shadow to bring a single big POP of color to your face.

Instagram @annanevesmakeup

Graphic Eyeliner

Move over, lash lines, there’s a new eyeliner style in town! We lovelovelove the trend of being a lot more playful with the application of eyeliner. Extra wings, lines above or below the eye, dots, dashed lines—there are so many ways to play with this look. Our Denver makeup artists can’t wait to try them out on you!

Instagram @lindaellazar

Fierce Matte Red Lips

Nothing says fierce like a red lip. And like the glitter, we’re totally digging the way the models rocked rich or dark matte red lips paired with barely-there makeup and more natural lashes. Wear this look and there will be no doubt who is the fiercest fashionista of them all this fall.

Instagram @lashe.marais

Magical Monotone

We’ve covered glitter, neon, crazy eyeliner and bold lips. On the flip side of those trends, we have a trend that’s basically the complete opposite: monotone. Now, this doesn’t mean NO color. This just means picking a subtle, subdued palette and sticking with it for the whole face. Pale pinks, mauves and golden browns tend to be universally appealing on every face, so those are a good place to start.

Instagram @nmj_makeup

Are you as excited to try out these fall makeup looks as we are?! Come in and let us use your face as a beautiful canvas, and let’s see which look will be YOUR look for the rest of the season!


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