Kick Your Nighttime Beauty Regimen Up a Notch

After a long day of work, family, friends, making dinner and binging your latest TV craze, we totally understand your desire to brush your teeth and fall into bed. But, ignoring your nighttime beauty routine isn’t going to do you any favors. In fact, we have a few EXTRA skin and hair tips to help you kick that beauty regimen up a notch, so you’ll wake up looking as fresh as you feel—well, as you feel after your first cup of coffee, that is.


Keep to Your Routine

We don’t need to cover the basics. You KNOW you should wash your face with a good cleanser – and we mean wash, not simply use a makeup remover – and moisturize well. Your body does a lot of its healing and resetting while you sleep. So if you go to bed with clogged pores, mascara-encrusted eyelashes and dry skin, you’re not going to get the rejuvenating effects sleep can bring. No matter how tired you are, stick to your routine.

Use An Extra Pillow

You know that puffiness you can get in your face, especially under your eyes, when you sleep? Some experts suggest using an extra pillow to prop up a little to counteract gravity and keep fluid from pooling to your face.

Invest in a Silk Pillowcase

This is less about fancy boudoir-style bed sheets and 100% about your skin (but ok, you can still feel a little fancy). Cotton pillowcases may be comfortable and long-lasting, but they can leave your face full of wrinkles if you don’t sleep on your back all night. With silk, your face will glide seamlessly across your pillow.

Braid or Pull Your Hair Up

Your hair contains oils and dirt that not only get on your pillowcase, but also get on your face and cause breakouts.

Don’t Forget the Rest of Your Body

Your face tends to get the most attention when it comes to skincare. But before you head to bed, make sure you pay attention to the rest of your body and moisturize your hands, nail cuticles and lips.


A Second Vote for the Silk (or Satin) Pillowcase

Yep, silky-smooth pillowcases also make for silky-smooth hair. Cotton or linen can be a bit rough on hair cuticles. Using silk or satin instead can help keep your hair healthy and frizz-free.

Braid Over Bun

Ok, remember when we talked about tying your hair up to help your skin look great? If you can, go for a loose braid over a bun. Pulling your hair back tight night after night can cause breakage. If a braid isn’t an option, look into a silky hair wrap.

Try an Overnight Mask

If your hair is thirsting for moisture, a rich overnight hair mask might be just the thing you need. Apply before bed, wear a shower cap (we know, but it’ll be worth it) and rinse it out in the morning to reveal healthy, shiny hair.


Get some sleep! Yes, you’re busy, Yes, complaining about lack of sleep is a nice bonding experience between you and your friends. But there’s a reason everyone trots out the old adage about getting at least 8 hours a night—your body needs it! Give your body the time it craves to heal, strengthen and restore itself, and we promise you’ll look AND feel better.

If you’re looking for some great skincare and hair product tips, book an appointment at your favorite Ella Bliss salon and spa in the Denver area and ask your stylist or esthetician for recommendations.


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