Just Call Us Mr. Bliss

Fellas, Men’s Health Week is coming up June 10-17 and we want to help you incorporate a little bliss into your health routine.

So what do we have in mind for you? Well, Ella Bliss actually offers a number of services for guys. And it’s not just about relaxing and treating yourself. Our services have a number of health benefits, from skin and nail health to body detox and rejuvenation from massages.

With a whole week focused all on your health, let’s take a look at all the ways Ella Bliss can help you take care of you.

MAN-icures & Pedicures

Dwayne Wade. Tim Tebow. Shaquille O’Neil. Lebron James. What do these power athletes have in common? They love them a pedicure! And sure, it feels nice having your feet tended to, but the truth is, pedicures have more than just an aesthetic appeal. The warmth and massage can improve blood flow and overall foot health. Taking care of those callouses reduces pressure points, which minimizes foot pain. And getting those talons trimmed correctly can help prevent ingrown toenails.


Many of the same benefits apply to your hands as well. The special products we use keep nails and cuticles healthy.

We have a feeling that if you try it once, you’ll be back every month for more!

Facials Fit for a King

Between shaving, sun and exposure to wind and weather, the skin on your face takes a beating. If you’ve never had a facial to restore your skin health, oh man, you’re in for a treat!

mens facial

Ella Bliss facials are customized to your particular skin’s needs. Is your skin oily? Dry? Uneven tone? Acne-prone? Don’t worry, we’ve got it covered. Your esthetician will evaluate your skin and use a combination of masks, toners, moisturizers and other specialty products to restore your skin to glowing health. Even better: The more regular your facial routine becomes, the better your skin will look over time.


We probably don’t have to sell you too hard on massages. We know massages are awesome. You know massages are awesome. Need we say more?

Well, maybe just a little more. Massages at Ella Bliss are one of those great things that benefits both body AND mind. There’s something enjoyably meditative about getting a good massage. There are so many real health benefits as well. Improved circulation, release of toxins built up in your body, easing sore and stiff muscles—not to mention some surprising benefits such as help with migraines and actually boosting your immune system.

And Even More for Men

For fellas with an extra sense of style, Ella Bliss has other services we know you’ll love, from brow and body waxing to professional makeup application.

And of course, you can enjoy any service with wine, beer or cocktails from our drink menu.

So what do you say, guys? Let’s make this year’s Men’s Health Week all about helping you feel your best from head to toe! Book your appointments at Ella Bliss Denver, Highlands Ranch or Greenwood Village today.




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