How to Prepare for Spring in Bliss!

With spring comes spring cleaning, and a weekend of hard work to get the house in order ✨. It’s amazing the damage one day of cleaning can do to your beautiful hands! Think: dried prune petrified from the chemicals and water, nails chipped and broken, even torn cuticles. All of which leaves you in dire need of some self-care in the form of a spa day . Why not treat yourself this spring break with a visit to Ella Bliss — you’ve earned it ! Plus, this spring break we can help you with all the services you could possibly want to look refreshed and renewed.

Need a new mani for the spring break trip? We gotchu. Our Gelish soft gel mani is the perfect fit for a quick but transformative fix. Quality and quantity over time mean no missing nails, no missing pool time! These nails are tough as nails. Our selection of styles is as diverse as the customers who come to see us, including short round, medium round, medium coffin ⚰, long coffin, long stiletto , medium stiletto, and square medium.

Booking and planning trips can be stressful, so why not alleviate some of that stress while preparing for the beginning of sandal season? We have the perfect fit for your pedicure — our new CBD upgrade. A blissful hour of your time,  this pedicure can do even more to reduce any extra tension or pain .

Complete your spring break look with the biggest glow-up tools we can offer you, our lash lift and brow lamination. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, this is the “perm of the lash world.” The worst enemy of your curler and the best friend of your lashes. The ultimate cure to the “un-curlables.” The lash lift involves a serum process that curls and thickens, changes the color of your lashes, and creates a more resilient shape. This hour-long appointment can save you precious time on your daily routine, which we know is already limited when on vacation. If you’re kind to your lashes, they’ll be kind back, and last anywhere from six to eight weeks.

Brow lamination also can save you precious time in the routine and is a great fit for the effortless beach baddie look. Bushy but dialed in and polished, always ready for a photo opp, IT IS the best accessory to any dressed down glam. The process is semi-permanent and involves setting lotions to help create and hold your brows! The procedure takes about 35 minutes to an hour and can last up to 6 weeks. Remember to ask for tint to make the brows pop just a bit more. So, what are you waiting for? Spring for a day of self-care at Ella Bliss and create the best spring-season selfies you could ask for!


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