How to Get the Perfect Pucker

Did you know there’s an official Lips Appreciation Day? It’s true! And it’s coming up on March 16. In honor of this delightful day, we’re dedicating a whole blog to helping you get that perfect pucker, from lip care to makeup tips.

Caring for Your Lips

Just like your skin, your lips will benefit from a little extra care and attention.

girl applying lip balm

  • Use a good lip balm – Pretty packaging does not make a good lip balm. Be sure to check out the ingredients and look for beneficial balms (for instance menthol or camphor to soothe rawness and stinging, or aloe to speed healing). For even better protection, find one with UVA sun protection.
  • Sleep with a humidifier – It’s easy to moisturize during the day. But nighttime is another story. Keep your lips (and skin) moisturized at night with a humidifier.
  • Scrub your lips – A gentle lip scrub will remove dry skin and dead cells, leaving your lips kissably smooth.
  • Wear lipstick – Yes! Wearing lipstick adds another layer of protection to sensitive lip skin.

Tips for Applying Lipstick

Here are some of our favorite lipstick tips from makeup experts.

girl with red lips

  • Moisturize first – You wouldn’t put on foundation without using moisturizer first, right? The same goes for your lips. A coat of moisturizing lip balm should do the trick.
  • Use liner as a base – This will help your lipstick last longer. Plus, if you like gloss, this will give the gloss something to stick to so it won’t wear off so fast.
  • Choose colors that match your lips’ natural color, not your skin tone – Pale lips look great in cherry red or coral. For reddish lips, try a hot pink or vivid orange. For dark lips, you can have fun with deep vampy shades.
  • Use the finger trick – Do you get lipstick on your teeth? After you’re done applying, place your finger between your teeth, close your lips around it, then slide it out. This will remove lipstick that might otherwise have gone on your teeth.
  • Set it with powder – After blotting, hold the tissue over your lips and lightly tap finishing powder on them with a brush.
  • Forget all the rules – Makeup should be fun! You’ll find plenty of do’s and don’t’s if you look, but if it makes you happy, we say go for it.

If you’re looking for some new ideas for how to do your lips, color recommendations or even a lesson in lip liner, Ella Bliss makeup artists are here and super excited to help you love your lips! Make a makeup application appointment at any of our Denver-area beauty bars.


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