How to Beat Mask Acne

Summer heat and masks aren’t exactly a match made in heaven. In fact, beauty experts have even coined a new term for breakouts cause by this very particular problem: maskne. But don’t worry, we have some great tips to help you fight mask acne and keep your skin healthy.

What’s the deal with maskne?

You know that acne is caused by pores getting clogged by oil, dead skin cells, makeup, dirt or bacteria. Typically, your skin will naturally shed dead skin cells throughout the day. But with us wearing mask so frequently, those skin cells don’t really have anywhere to go. Plus, wearing a mask creates the kind of nice humid environment that bacteria loves.

How should you treat it?

Honestly, a regular skin routine is still your bet for keeping your pores clear and your skin healthy.

  • Wash your face with a gentle cleanser containing 2% to 5% benzol peroxide (tip: let it sit on your skin for two to three minutes before rinsing)
  • Exfoliate regularly
  • Use an oil-free moisturizer after washing
  • Try not to pick at your acne or touch your face

Facials are another great way to keep your skin treated well over time. It can be helpful to see the same esthetician every time, so they get to know your skin’s particular needs and can recommend the right products for you.

If you find yourself fighting more severe breakouts and deep, painful cystic pimples, you’ll probably want to talk to a dermatologist about a more aggressive approach.

What else can you do to protect your skin?

According to the experts, here are some other ways to reduce the risk of maskne:

  • Avoid wearing makeup under your mask
  • Choose masks made from softer fabrics rather than stiff synthetic material
  • Make sure you mask fits properly and isn’t chafing your skin
  • Wash fabric masks regularly with warm water and gentle detergent

If your skin needs a little extra love and attention, book a facial appointment with an Ella Bliss esthetician at any of our Denver-area beauty bars. We’ll not only have your skin looking and feeling great, we’ll also recommend the best products to keep it that way!


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