Hauntingly Amazing Halloween Nails & Makeup

September may be the month of the pumpkin, but October is the month of the jack-o’-lantern! Halloween is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to get spooky with your nails and makeup looks.

We’ve pulled together some of our favorite to help give you a little inspiration for this haunted holiday. Be sure to book your makeup and nail appointment near Denver today to get you favorite look!

Webbed Fingers

Nail artist Sarah at our Broadway location in Denver whipped up this webby look for one of her clients just a few days ago! The matte black, silvery web and pop of purple make a fun spooky statement. Try with an orange or red gem!

Source: EB’s Instagram

Googly-Eyed Monsters

How adorable are these little monsters?! If you’re EYE-ing a simple but effective Halloween design for your nails, we highly recommend these guys.

Source: @thedotcouture on Instagram

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Bee — Shhhh

Take inspiration from your favorite Halloween movie! We love this subtle tribute to the classic comedy.

Source: @veronica_hack on Instagram

Mermaid Magic

Now on to makeup! If you prefer pretty over scary, this gorgeous mermaid look will certainly turn heads! You can try it yourself with this video tutorial, but it might be easier to make an appointment with an Ella Bliss makeup artists to get the look just right.

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Maybe you want to look a little spooky at work without going all out with a costume. Or maybe you decide to go to a last-minute Halloween gathering. Or maybe, you’re just a big fan of small creepy crawlies. Regardless, this simple eyeliner art is a fun way to show your appreciation for the holiday.

Source: @firepixie_ on Instagram

Neon Nights

Stand out at any Halloween event with this futuristic makeup look that practically glows with ghoulish beauty!

Source: @firepixie_ on Instagram


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