Dear Mom…I’m Taking Care of You This Mother’s Day!

Mother's Day

If you’re anything like me, you could never forget just how much your mom has done for the sake of the family. From our first steps to our worst heartbreaks 💔, mom is there; oftentimes sacrificing her own needs to make sure everyone else in the house is happy 😊!

Well, this year Ella Bliss is here to remind you of a truism for Mom’s special day … the job of a mom is exhausting.

We know this, so why do so many of us pull a complete blank when it comes to the perfect present to say, “we see you, we appreciate you, and we love you so very much?”

Many of our mamas have spent years skipping over their self-care routines to make Christmas morning just a little more magical, the first rejection just a little easier, and every other core memory just a little better. It’s time we created a new one for mom by making Mother’s Day all about Mom 💕.

Here at Ella Bliss, we think you should make mom feel like she did before she had you 😹 (no offense) with a blow-out and deep condition that will leave her looking fresh and full of more volume than she was rocking in the 80s!

Best friends with your mom? We got you. There’s nothing that says ‘I love you mom’ like pampering and twinning at the same time. A mom and daughter mani-pedi date is perfect, so make sure to brainstorm withyour nail tech to come up with the perfect matching nail art design.

Don’t forget to go the extra mile and get your mom our mimosa of the month, aka the MOM-osa 🥂🥂. A deliciously modern take on a classic, our MOM-osa contains champagne, lemonade & lavender!

Maybe your mom has a crazy schedule? Get her a gift card! It’s the perfect gift for the mom that has herGoogle calendar filled up well into next year, and the best way to say, “I value your time, mom.” 💜

Got a little one? No problem, when you go to book your perfect mom pampering day, ask about our Little Miss Bliss manicures, pedicures, and blowouts that cater to our bliss seekers under 12! It’s the perfect way to mitigate tiny terrors ruining the day.

Mom’s the bomb — so be sure to make her day dynamite at Ella Bliss!

Book now or purchase a gift certificate online for the perfect “thank you Mom”!


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