De-Stress Those Tresses

Is there anything better than walking out of a salon with clean, beautiful, shiny, bouncy hair? With blowouts, you don’t have to wait every 4-6 weeks for that confident feeling.

Getting regular blowouts at Ella Bliss offer a number of benefits to you and your tresses, from helping you relax to keeping your hair healthy and looking its best all. the. time. Let’s take a look.

45 Minutes of Ahhhhh

Walk in. Sit down. Have a relaxing glass of red or white wine or a bubbly drink. And let your Ella Bliss stylist pamper you for the next 45 minutes. Relax while we wash your hair with specialized products and massage your scalp. Ignore the world while we carefully and expertly dry and style your hair. Then look up into the mirror and see the beautiful creature that you are, and you’ll be ready to take on the world again.

It Lasts and Lasts and Lasts

One of the things people love most about blowouts are their longevity. Depending on your hair and how well you take care of your blowout at home, your style will last AT LEAST three days and up to a week. In fact, the more often you get blowouts, the easier it will be for your hair to “remember” the style and hold it longer.

Less Heat = Healthier Hair

Blow dry. Flat iron. Curling iron. Every day. Your hair doesn’t like repeated extreme heat any more than you do. Regular heat applications break down the protective layer of keratin around your hair, which results in lost nutrients and rough, dull hair. Because blowouts last 3-5 day on average, you can save your hair a lot of grief by giving it a break from regular use of hot tools.

So gorgeous, are you ready to have hair that looks so good, people think you have a stylist on call? Book your Ella Bliss blowout today and ask about taking it up a notch with a deep conditioning treatment or beautiful accent braid.


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