Concierge Spotlight: Meet Taylor!

Working at Ella Bliss brings together two of Taylor’s biggest passions—helping people and holistic self-care. A four-year veteran at our Highlands Ranch beauty bar, Taylor shares her passion with other employees as a Floor Manager and Regional Concierge Trainer.

One of Taylor’s favorite things about Ella Bliss is that it’s a local company started right here in Denver. On the rare occasion when she gets to indulge in a little bliss of her own, her go-to treatment is a long, indulgent 90-minute massage, along with either our delicious Strawberry Unicorn cocktail (a fruity take on a Moscow mule) or Bubbles & Bliss Mimosa. And if she were to recommend one great spa trend, Taylor definitely encourages members to tap into Ella Bliss nail artists’ creativity for some beautiful nail designs.

Taylor is the proud mom of two beautiful little girls and a cat they affectionately call Nugz. She loves her hectic life and relies on coffee and essential oils to keep her sane. In fact, she’s been experimenting with creating her own non-toxic products made with essential oils and plant-based ingredients.

So next time you’re at Ella Bliss Highlands Ranch, be sure to say hello to Taylor and watch her turn on her charm!


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