Concierge Spotlight: Meet Liz Yu!

If you’ve had a great experience at Ella Bliss Broadway, it just might be because of floor manager/concierge, Liz Yu! And you know what—chances are, you’ve made her day too. Liz loves the fun and positive vibe at Ella Bliss. She attributes that not only to her fantastic and supportive co-workers, but also to every client who comes in the door. “Every time I walk into work, I know either I’m going to make a guest or employee happy or they are going to do that for me,” she told us.

One of Liz’s favorite trends are the fun and colorful hair tinsels that are making a comeback. But, if you ask what her favorite service is, she’ll tell you it’s getting her lash extensions done (shout out to Kristina!). And she happens to enjoy an Ella Bliss specialty cocktail with her service, it’s gotta be the There’s Something About Mary—a spicy bloody Mary.

Liz is a Denver native, and is currently set to graduate from the University of Colorado Denver next year. (Fun fact: even though she’s lived here her whole life here, she’s never been skiing or snowboarding!)

In her free time, she loves spending time with her Pitbull, Mia, and here Maltese, Lokie.

Your best bet to see Liz is to book your appointment at Ella Bliss’s 6th & Broadway location in Denver on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays!


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