Brow Styles that WOW

Eyebrow trends come and go, but a few tend to come back more often than others—although here’s to hoping the overplucked look of the early 2000s stay in the past!

Last year was really the year of the full brow (although some really weird trends popped up too). Thick, sculpted brows with highly defined arches were all the rage, creating a strong statement that we couldn’t get enough of. So what’s different for 2018? Well, it’s more of an evolution than a big change.

Thick brows aren’t going anywhere, but we’re seeing them softer, more natural and a little less defined than before. The good news is, this is a look just about everyone can pull off, with help from Ella Bliss’ expert brow specialists and makeup artists to show you the best look for your brows.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Brows should be sisters, not twins.

Stop getting frustrated trying to make your brows match each other EXACTLY. No two brows are alike, including the ones on your face. Today’s natural trends make it easier than ever to embrace your brow differences and rock them however they come!

Just a hint of tint.

A good brow tint can solve a lot of your problems with brows. It not only helps thin brows look thicker, it can also help create a more uniform look than filling in with pencils. You can always add a little more oomph on a big night out with a brow gel or pomade to really fill out the look.

Let your hair down.

One really interesting trend we love really shows off your brow hair itself. A brushed-up look or unblended pencil fill lets every hair shine and creates a fun, textured look that takes natural to a whole new level.

Embrace your natural shape.

What we love about today’s brow trends is that they’re all about embracing your natural beauty instead of adhering to a popular shape. Straight, arched, gently curved—much like your nose, lips or eyes, your eyebrows are unique to you and part of what makes your look so distinctive. So instead of changing them, wear them proudly just the way they are!

Not sure which trends best complements your personal style? That’s where we come in! Book your appointment with an Ella Bliss brow specialist and we’ll help you find the look you’ll love.


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