Services That Go From Summer to Fall

Labor Day marks the traditional end of summer—although this, year we got a bonus snowstorm too! But despite the crazy weather, we don’t think it’s quite time to pack up the summer beauty trends. So let’s take a look at some of the hair, makeup and nail styles we love that you can still rock as we say a long goodbye to summer and welcome in the fall.

Keep It Copper

Copper nails pick up the best tones of both summer and fall, making it the perfect transitional color. From vibing with pretty corals on the beach to embracing the pumpkin spice flavor of fall, we love the versatility of this shimmery shade. Try glamming it up with a foil accent nail!

Image: Instagram @nails_and_blinks758

Be a Denim Diva

We adore the matte denim-blue nail trend from summer. So as you change from cutoff shorts to your favorite skinny jeans, keep your nails looking as cool as you in beautiful blue.

Image: Instagram @cookapl

Beachy Wave Blowout

One thing we can all agree on—beachy waves look good on anyone, any time of year. So don’t think you have to go silky smooth just because warm summer breezes have turned into cool autumn wafts. Keep your blowout full of volume and see how those waves can look just as good under a beanie as they do a floppy beach hat. Or, punch it up with a half-braid!

Image: from the Ella Bliss Insta

Imperfect Shagadelic Perfection

For a few months during quarantine, we all had to forgo the help of stylists and make do with the hair we had. And we discovered something—shaggy, tousled hair is cool. Even though blowouts are back in action, we’re seeing this deliberately imperfect style sticking around for a while, especially with grown out curtain bangs.

Image: Instagram @madisonvillohair

Terra Cotta Tints

Summer makeup featured bold, monochromatic looks and we were here for it! The trends can continue into the fall, especially with one of this year’s most popular color trends—terra cotta eyeshadow. Full, sweeping coverage works for pretty much every eye color!

Image: Instagram @victoriashanine

Feeling these looks? Then get an appointment on the books! Book today at your favorite Ella Bliss location.

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New Services Alert: Lash Lift, Brow Lamination & Hybrid Lashes!

We’re always scouring the latest beauty trends to find new ways to keep our Beauty Bar members looking and feeling their best. This month, we’re so excited to tell you about THREE beautiful new lash and brow services designed to make your eyes pop like crazy.

Hybrid Eyelash Extensions

Hybrid lashes are a happy medium between classic eyelash extensions and full volume lash extensions, resulting in lashes that look nice and full while retaining a more natural look.

Think of it this way. Classic extensions have a 1:1 ratio of false lashes to natural lashes. Volume extensions add 3-5 false lashes for every natural lash. Hybrid extensions aim for a 50-50 mix, highlighting and augmenting your natural lashes to give them extra fullness.

Book your hybrid extensions appointment at Denver/Broadway and Highlands Ranch Ella Bliss locations.

Lash Lift

Do you hate using an eyelash curler? Wish your lashes had a “I woke up like this” look of curled perfection? You need a lash lift!

This service uses a special solution to shape your lashes upward with a realistic curve. Your lashes will look fuller, your eyes will look bigger and you’ll love having beautiful no-fuss natural lashes that are the envy of your friends. To add even more wow, have your lashes tinted at the same time.

Book your lash lift at Denver/Broadway, Highlands Ranch and Greenwood Village Ella Bliss locations.

Brow Lamination

Full, brushed up eyebrows are all the rage right now. For those who don’t have brows that do this naturally, the options have been somewhat limited. If you’re not crazy about the discomfort of microblading, Ella Bliss is thrilled to bring you the option of brow lamination!

Like a lash lift, brow lamination uses a special lotion to help your brows keep that full, defined, brushed-up look for up to six weeks. The service only takes about 35 minutes and is super easy to upkeep. Pair this with a brow tint and you’ll be set for weeks!

Book your brow lamination at Denver/Broadway, Highlands Ranch and Greenwood Village Ella Bliss locations.

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Concierge Spotlight: Meet Alyssa!

As a Concierge team member, Alyssa’s main job is welcoming and interacting with our clients. She absolutely loves getting to know clients, chatting about their lives and their Ella Bliss experiences. Her top tip: go with shellac or dip for your main/pedi for longer-lasting wear.

When it’s her turn to indulge in a little bliss, Alyssa likes the ultra-relaxing 90-minute massage or making her feet happy with an upgraded Luxe Pedicure.

Alyssa is a Colorado native who loves the snow and started snowboarding when she was 14. She is a HUGE Harry Potter fan (sorry Muggles!), and her co-workers like to tease her about her love of candy. When she’s not working, you can usually find her binge-watching shows on Netflix while snuggled with her two-year-old Yorkie, Milano.

You can say hello to Alyssa Tuesdays through Sundays at our Broadway beauty bar near downtown Denver.

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Why Massages Are So Important for Self-Care

This year has certainly thrown us all for a loop. But one important lesson we can take away from this challenging time is that we have to learn to be kinder to ourselves. To let go of the stress and need to control everything. And to make sure that no matter what is going on in our lives, we need to take care of our bodies and minds.

Massages are really the ideal investment in self-care. More so than any so-called beauty treatment, massages are all about being in tune with your body and the mind-body connection. Just think about it:

…Soft, soothing music lulls your mind into a state of stillness.

…Your massage therapist tackling the tense spots and kneading away the tension.

…Warm, fragrant oils ease your muscles and stimulate relaxation through your senses.

You can picture it, right? But it goes even deeper than this ~amazing~ mental image. Massage has real, tangible benefits so important with self-care.

  • Feeling an overall sense of yuck? Massage strokes can stimulate your lymphatic and immune systems, which helps detoxify your body and keep you feeling healthier
  • Having trouble sleeping? Going to bed with relaxed and loosened muscles can help you fall asleep faster and enjoy a more restful night.
  • Suffer from tension headaches? By focusing on certain pressure points on your body, your massage therapist can help ease your pain.
  • Anxious all the time? Massage boosts endorphins, the hormones that make you feel more energized and at ease. (Tip: Consider a CBD massage upgrade!)

With Ella Bliss safely open and taking all the health precautions we need to keep our staff and clients healthy, we invite you to indulge in a little self-care with us and let our experienced massage therapists bring your mind and body into a happy place.

And here’s a little deal to help you out: Buy a bundle of 3 massages for just $165. That’s only $55 per service!

Contact your favorite Ella Bliss Beauty Bar in the Denver area for this limited time massage deal.

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How to Beat Mask Acne

Summer heat and masks aren’t exactly a match made in heaven. In fact, beauty experts have even coined a new term for breakouts cause by this very particular problem: maskne. But don’t worry, we have some great tips to help you fight mask acne and keep your skin healthy.

What’s the deal with maskne?

You know that acne is caused by pores getting clogged by oil, dead skin cells, makeup, dirt or bacteria. Typically, your skin will naturally shed dead skin cells throughout the day. But with us wearing mask so frequently, those skin cells don’t really have anywhere to go. Plus, wearing a mask creates the kind of nice humid environment that bacteria loves.

How should you treat it?

Honestly, a regular skin routine is still your bet for keeping your pores clear and your skin healthy.

  • Wash your face with a gentle cleanser containing 2% to 5% benzol peroxide (tip: let it sit on your skin for two to three minutes before rinsing)
  • Exfoliate regularly
  • Use an oil-free moisturizer after washing
  • Try not to pick at your acne or touch your face

Facials are another great way to keep your skin treated well over time. It can be helpful to see the same esthetician every time, so they get to know your skin’s particular needs and can recommend the right products for you.

If you find yourself fighting more severe breakouts and deep, painful cystic pimples, you’ll probably want to talk to a dermatologist about a more aggressive approach.

What else can you do to protect your skin?

According to the experts, here are some other ways to reduce the risk of maskne:

  • Avoid wearing makeup under your mask
  • Choose masks made from softer fabrics rather than stiff synthetic material
  • Make sure you mask fits properly and isn’t chafing your skin
  • Wash fabric masks regularly with warm water and gentle detergent

If your skin needs a little extra love and attention, book a facial appointment with an Ella Bliss esthetician at any of our Denver-area beauty bars. We’ll not only have your skin looking and feeling great, we’ll also recommend the best products to keep it that way!

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