Celebrate Mother’s Day and Prom with Ella Bliss!

The modern holiday we call Mother’s Day was first celebrated in the United States in 1908. In the early days of the tradition, Americans observed Mother’s Day by going to church and writing letters to their mother. Eventually, sending cards and giving gifts and flowers were added to the tradition. Today, the way we show Mom that we appreciate her runs the gamut. Maria Guido at the Scary Mommy blog suggests more unconventional gifts such as the following three ideas: Continue Reading

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The Joys of Spring Cleaning

Happy April, friends! It’s officially spring (yay!) and the weather is warm enough outside to open up and roll down all the windows. Along with that fresh air, most of us get the urge to clean our entire house (and car, for that matter). This cleaning sesh is not just a vacuum every room and recycle some magazines type of cleaning. Nope. This is a dusting the blinds, shampooing the rugs, cleaning the shower grout with a toothbrush kind of cleaning. Trust us – we understand.

But what if you did a little spring cleaning for yourself? What if you spent some time freshening up your mind, body and soul? We’ve got some ideas to help you do just that.

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Lucky You! We Have the Best Bliss News to Share!

It’s almost springtime! It’s almost springtime! We can practically smell the flowers, feel the warm breeze, and shake out the sundresses in our closets. Sure, we may still need a cardigan and some cute boots (it is Colorado, after all), but there’s something about the season that just puts a spring in our step.

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Why We Love February at Ella Bliss

Oh, February. We want to love you. The sporadic and lovely sunny days immediately followed by epic snowstorms. The way you trick us with this random 29th day every four years (yes, we’re looking at you, 2016). You are the month of Valentine’s Day – a holiday famous for being hated or loved, depending on your relationship status. We associate you with the color pink – every single shade of pink. It’s a lot of pink. So sometimes, February, we’re just not that thrilled about you.

Here at Ella Bliss, though, we absolutely love February (and we just so happen to love pink). To us, February means couples massages, ladies nights, and a fabulous pink pedicure. That’s why we are ecstatic to show you several reasons why you should love February too!

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