Our Fall Favorites: Feel Cozy as it Cools Down!

It’s that time of year when the leaves change and with it so should the color of our nails. No more bright summer shades☀️ — it’s time to cozy it up with rich reds and oranges. With a nail polish selection that looks like this: OPI, CND Shellac, Gelish Gel, Gelish XPRESS Dip — and an expansive variety of manicure types from soft and hard gel to dips — the most challenging part is choosing!

Not feeling a solid color? Ella Bliss has you covered. Not only do we offer a wide variety of polish types, but we also have talented professional nail techs that can make your greatest nail art dreams come true. Wanna rock a pumpkin or spooky skeleton for Halloween? Not a problem. After one easy visit to our beauty bar, you won’t even need a costume! Don’t believe me? See for yourself and visit our nail art gallery! Now that the hard part is done, all you have to do is sit back, relax, and wait for those nails to dry.

Psst — Here’s a tip: Aftercare is as simple as keeping your hands and cuticles hydrated with lotion or oil starting the following day!

Looking to get extra comfy? Elevate your visit and book a luxe pedicure to follow up your festive phalange pampering. Our Luxe Pedi package gives you the options of Lavender or Coconut scented products for soaking and scrubbing, not to mention extra massage time.

Take a load off your feet and revitalize with our hydrating masque topped off with hot towel wraps. This service is the only way to complete the autumn ambiance, leaving you smelling luscious, feeling warm and cozy, and sporting feet softer than ever. Struggling with rough spots? Been there. Add on our callus softening treatment for some extra TLC.

Hey you! I bet all these options and color decisions wore you out a bit, but Ella Bliss has your back — literally! We offer massage appointments from 50-110 minutes and specialize in deep tissue, sports recovery, and prenatal treatments ‍♀️. That’s right! We know nothing takes its toll on the body like creating life, and we thought of you moms-to-be!

Whatever massage you choose, ask for the Himalayan Salt Stones upgrade or our sugar scrub with hot towels, and prepare yourself to be enveloped in warmth.

Autumn is the time for fun and festivities here at Ella Bliss Beauty Bar. We’re here to get you relaxed and ready to do the things you love … like rocking your Halloween costume , trick or treating with the kids  or enjoying your Thanksgiving family gathering . Book your appointment today and discover the seasonal treatments you’ll fall for!

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Want a flawless mani at light speed? Our new Soft Gels are nailing it! 💅

Are your nails ragged, chipped or cracked 👀? Want to get them looking good, fast, but don’t have time for a full mani?

You’re in luck. Gelish Soft Gels will provide a full set — pronto. ⏰

What is Gelish Soft Gels?

This convenient, professional nail enhancement combines the best of press-on nails with gel polish, adding length to your nail that’s as strong 💪and long-lasting as regular acrylics.

Pre-shaped full nail coverage is assured, thanks to Soft Gels’ flexi-fit contouring. It’s snag-free and provides a thin cuticle contact area for a seamless look. Choose from different styles, including short round, medium round, medium coffin (?!!!), long coffin (?!!!), long stiletto, medium stiletto and square medium.

You can paint them any color that suits your mood. 🙌 Nails are cured using an LED lamp that makes application speed, light speed. It integrates fast, even flash curing into your service to finish a full set on the double (hands, that is).

Best of all, Gelish Soft Gels gives you up to 21 gorgeous days of wear. Wow. 🗓️

Get your quick fix soon

Next time you look down at your nails and think, “Yikes, my digits are a disaster,” 😲 give Gelish Soft Gels a try. You’ll get instant style, length and strength — on-demand.

At Ella Bliss, we just launched Gelish Soft Gels service. If you’re a newbie to Soft Gels, book online using code YAYSOFTGEL and we’ll give you a first-timer’s Soft Gel set with shellac for just $58 (that’s a $40 savings) 👏 👏 👏Make your appointment today, because this offer ends 10.31.21. We promise you’ll be in and out with new nails in a flash!

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How To Glow Up This Fall🍂 🍁: Your Complete Guide to Everything Brow and Lash

So, you want to have your fall glow-up moment? Here’s the secret…

It’s all in the eyes. 👀

As in eyelashes and eyebrows! This season everyone’s falling for lash and brow pampering. Ready to kill it, Ella Bliss style?

Let’s start from the top.


  1. Waxing

Out with the old and in with the new!

Most of us have had our fair share of experiences with waxing our brows. But for those who are brand new *cough some men entering the chat cough* waxing is a great hair removal tool that can be used as a more efficient alternative to shaving.

In the case of eyebrows, it’s a crucial tool for maintenance and shaping. Waxing lasts longer than other forms of hair removal and, as an exfoliant, it promotes healthier skin and thinner hair regrowth.

FYI — Ella Bliss Beauty Bar offers a wide variety of waxing appointments from brows and lips to bikini areas 🥵.

  1. Brow lamination

Ask for a tint to make ya brows pop even more!

Have you ever wanted that bushy, yet polished Hollywood brow look? Think Kendall or Cardi…it’s called a brow lamination.

The process is semi-permanent and involves setting lotions to help create and hold your brows in that perfectly brushed shape for up to 6 weeks.

The procedure takes about 35 minutes to an hour. Like most of these services, brow lamination can help you save time while transforming your natural appearance. Maintenance only calls for simple brow conditioner and some love 💕 and then BAM! You’re on your way to achieving that straight out-of-bed beauty.

Brows and lashes go hand in hand — which means your glow up isn’t done yet!


  1. Lash extensions

Skip the mascara, skip the mess!

“What are extensions,” you ask? 👁👄👁 They’re semi-temporary lashes that are applied to the natural lash line with non-toxic adhesive to enhance any look. While the procedure itself is simple in nature, there are a few different set options that can make it confusing to navigate for the first time. It’s important to collaborate with your lash artist to help you find the best fit.

The extensions make-up hack can add volume and length to ensure a subtle but intense difference that lasts weeks. Extensions can be your secret weapon to elevate any appearance with ease. I mean ease, like helping you save time by streamlining your daily routine and replacing mascara, kind of ease.

How does it work?

Since the procedure itself only takes a painless one-and-a-half to two hours, you may find yourself binging the latest episodes of your favorite podcast or taking a much needed nap. Either way, you’re sure to find this time a much-appreciated bonus that comes with lash extensions. They do require some maintenance, but it’s a small price to pay to be able to bat your eyes with confidence!

End-to-end they can last up to eight weeks, but as our natural lashes shed, gaps may start to form. For this reason, it’s recommended to schedule and keep up with bi-weekly fills. To go the extra mile, our beauty bar specialists also offer lash tinting to pull off a more cohesive look.

Lash extension appointments are available at our Denver and Highlands Ranch locations where you’re able to work with our professional lash artists to start your transformation. Below is additional info you might want to know before discussing the menu with your Ella Bliss Beauty professional!

Depending on how your natural lashes are and how dramatic a look you’re going for, one of these set options will be your perfect match:

Classic: This is a great place to start if you’re looking to try out extensions or if you just want some extra length. With a 1:1 ratio of false-to-natural lashes, a classic set builds on your existing lashes without adding much volume, opening the eyes and ensuring you look always put together.

Hybrid: You can think of this as the Goldilocks “just right” between a classic and full volume set. This happy medium leaves lashes looking full without overwhelming your natural features. By mixing the two different spectrums of sets (classic and volume) at a 50:50 ratio you can try out that Kim Kardashian look with everyday practicality.

Volume: Wanna go full Kim K? Make a volume set your go-to. The intensity of each full volume set might vary depending on the false-to-natural lash ratio. Anywhere from one to a couple of false lashes may be applied per a single natural lash. This gives lashes a fluffier, thicker look. It’s something to keep in mind if you have challenges in the length and volume department, or if you struggle with poor lash growth.

  1. Lash lift

Let’s break it down again. 

This is your cure for lashes that just won’t work with you or your curler! Enough of relying on a lighter and your curling patience to do the trick.

You can think of a lash lift as a simple way to modify the shape and, if you want, the color of your lashes. It’s even sometimes referred to as “the perm of the lash world.” Lash lifts can be your best friend if you find yourself stuck trying to achieve that curled look, but your lashes just won’t hold.

The procedure involves a serum process that curls and thickens each eyelash, resulting in thicker, longer-looking lashes. If you’re an overachiever and want to really turn heads, you can also get a lash tint, which will give you extra confidence with little effort.

Just like lash extensions, this hour-long appointment can save you precious time on your daily routine. If you’re kind to your lashes, they’ll be kind back, and last anywhere from six to eight weeks.

That’s our entire comprehensive guide to glowing up with brow and lash looks you’re sure to “fall” in love with. And all you must do is call us at Ella Bliss to book the self-care you’ve been waiting for!

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How to Choose the Right End-of-Summer Facial

Bikinis. Poolside cocktails. Good vibes. Who doesn’t love summertime?

Maybe…your skin?

The truth is, summer can wreak havoc with skin. Heat and humidity make you oilier and breakouts are more common. You may also feel drier due to dehydration or exposure to chlorine. With dehydration, plumpness and dewiness disappear and fine lines seem more prominent. And we all know the sun’s UV rays can damage skin, creating pigmented patches, making redness worse and spawning those not-so-cute freckles.

Here’s good news: Getting a facial every four to six weeks can nourish your skin and keep it healthy and glowing.

There are several different types of facials to treat various skin concerns, and they’re customizable depending on your skin type and body chemistry. So how do you choose one that’s right for you?

Thanks for asking! Here’s a list that might help.

Signature Facials

50-minute service.

Ormedic Restoring: Polish away impurities. Restore natural resilience. Brighten and nourish the skin. The powerful super antioxidants and key organic ingredients in this gentle, balancing facial are free from anything synthetic. And it helps you age later the natural way. Includes extractions and hand/arm/foot treatment. Perfect for all skin types.

Vital C Hydration: Treat redness. Soothe inflammation. Plump up dehydrated skin. This comprehensive facial incorporates a stable, tri-vitamin C blend with correcting exfoliating agents, plant-derived stem cell technology and hydrating ingredients. Includes extractions and hand/arm/foot treatment.

Illumination: Brighten. Hydrate. And reduce the appearance of fine lines. This antioxidant-rich facial boosts luminosity and promotes radiant, healthy- looking skin. It’s a results-driven luxury treatment that’s perfect for all skin types. Includes hand/arm/foot treatment.

The Max: Target fine lines and wrinkles. Enhance elasticity. Revitalize dull, sallow skin. This facial provides a correction, prevention and nutrition system that targets problem areas to “the max.” Includes extractions and hand/arm/foot treatment.

Clear Cell Acne: Treat oily, acne and acne-prone skin. Designed to combat all grades
of acne, this comprehensive facial combines powerful antibacterial peptides and salicylic acid with soothing anti-inflammatory botanicals. Includes extractions and hand/arm/foot treatment.

Probiotic: Treat oily, acne and acne-prone skin. Designed to combat all grades
of acne, this comprehensive facial combines powerful probiotics with antibacterial peptides, salicylic acid and soothing anti-inflammatory botanicals. Includes extractions and hand/arm/foot treatment.

Firming: Target fine lines and wrinkles. Enhance elasticity. Brighten dull, sallow skin. This facial’s correction, prevention and nutrition system firms the skin for a more youthful appearance. Includes extractions and hand/arm/foot treatment.

Upgraded Facials

50-minute service. 

O2 Lift: Refresh. Rejuvenate. And create luminosity. This luxurious oxygen skin care treatment infuses oxygen, plant-derived stem cells, peptides and a high concentration of enzymatic botanicals into the skin for a renewed glow. Includes hand/arm/foot treatment.

Microderm: Refresh and resurface skin. This non-invasive treatment removes the outer layers of skin cells, stimulating collagen production and cellular renewal. Improvements can be seen with each application. Includes hand/arm/foot treatment.

Oxygenated Microderm: Refresh. Resurface. Rejuvenate. This comprehensive skincare treatment offers the best of both the O2 Lift and Microderm facials.

Short on time?

Our Mini Facials will help you put your best face forward in no time at all. Both are 25-minute services with 5 minutes of recovery. They’re perfect for teens and the gal or guy on-the-go! Another plus — you remain dressed, so there’s no wasted time changing into spa garb.

Ormedic Mini: A scaled-down version of our Signature facial above. Includes hand/arm treatment.

Acne Mini: A scaled-down version of our Signature facial above. Includes extractions and hand/arm treatment.

 Because baby skin is a-peeling.

Chemical peels are popular for creating smoother, younger-looking skin. This minimally invasive procedure uses a chemical solution on the surface your skin to remove old and dull skin cells — while also telling living cells to multiply and move to the surface.

The result? Skin that’s as smooth and soft as a baby’s bottom.

Plus, with dead skin cells gone, your products can now penetrate the skin’s surface and work harder for you.

Three chemical peels are available:

Lightening Peel: Improves uneven skin tone, pigmentation and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Includes hand/arm treatment.

Wrinkle Peel: Ideal for aging skin. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Firms lax skin. Includes hand/arm treatment.

Acne Peel: Aids acne-prone skin. Includes hand/arm treatment.

At Ella Bliss, facials are not “one size fits all.” Our estheticians customize each service to fit the individual treatment needs of each guest. Ready to get some skin in the game? Call us today to schedule your facial.

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