Ask Ella: What are the perks of an Ella Bliss membership?

Q: What are the perks of membership? Is it really worth it?

A: We created our membership package to be simple and meaningful. The core benefit is a monthly service credit, that can be applied towards any service, at member price each month. That credit can roll over to another month, in case you like to double (or even triple) up on services during your visit. And any accrued credits can be shared with up to two (2) designated people on your plan.

But that’s just core service-based benefit, and it’s just the beginning of the membership perks at Ella Bliss. You’ll also receive:

  • One complimentary beverage each month
  • 10% off all retail products
  • Share your member pricing with a friend once per month
  • 15% off additional same-month services (excludes lashes)*
  • Discounts on Party Lounge rental and Little Bliss services
  • Additional amazing member specials and discounts throughout the year
  • Become an Elite Member after two years and receive ultra-exclusive perks & savings

Our Ella Bliss membership has no hidden fees or surprises. Just a simple and effective way to ensure you spend a little me time each and every month. It’s so good.


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Dear Mom…I’m Taking Care of You This Mother’s Day!

Mother's Day

If you’re anything like me, you could never forget just how much your mom has done for the sake of the family. From our first steps to our worst heartbreaks 💔, mom is there; oftentimes sacrificing her own needs to make sure everyone else in the house is happy 😊!

Well, this year Ella Bliss is here to remind you of a truism for Mom’s special day … the job of a mom is exhausting.

We know this, so why do so many of us pull a complete blank when it comes to the perfect present to say, “we see you, we appreciate you, and we love you so very much?”

Many of our mamas have spent years skipping over their self-care routines to make Christmas morning just a little more magical, the first rejection just a little easier, and every other core memory just a little better. It’s time we created a new one for mom by making Mother’s Day all about Mom 💕.

Here at Ella Bliss, we think you should make mom feel like she did before she had you 😹 (no offense) with a blow-out and deep condition that will leave her looking fresh and full of more volume than she was rocking in the 80s!

Best friends with your mom? We got you. There’s nothing that says ‘I love you mom’ like pampering and twinning at the same time. A mom and daughter mani-pedi date is perfect, so make sure to brainstorm withyour nail tech to come up with the perfect matching nail art design.

Don’t forget to go the extra mile and get your mom our mimosa of the month, aka the MOM-osa 🥂🥂. A deliciously modern take on a classic, our MOM-osa contains champagne, lemonade & lavender!

Maybe your mom has a crazy schedule? Get her a gift card! It’s the perfect gift for the mom that has herGoogle calendar filled up well into next year, and the best way to say, “I value your time, mom.” 💜

Got a little one? No problem, when you go to book your perfect mom pampering day, ask about our Little Miss Bliss manicures, pedicures, and blowouts that cater to our bliss seekers under 12! It’s the perfect way to mitigate tiny terrors ruining the day.

Mom’s the bomb — so be sure to make her day dynamite at Ella Bliss!

Book now or purchase a gift certificate online for the perfect “thank you Mom”!

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Ask Ella: What’s the difference between shellac, soft gel and dip manicures?

Q: What’s the difference between shellac, soft gel and dip manicures and how do I know which is best for my nails?

A: When it comes to long-lasting manicures, there are a lot of choices out there. Our three favorites are shellac, dip, and soft gel — and all are a great alternative to traditional acrylics.

SHELLAC: This option is type of nail polish that’s actually a mixture of nail polish and gel. It’s applied with two coats of color and a special topcoat that is cured by placing the nails under a UV light. Shellac manis are thinner than gels and dip, but still offer a longer-lasting color. This is a great choice for those who want to change their nail color more often. Think of Shellac as a regular mani plus a little extra protection from chipping.

DIP: This manicure gets its name from how it is applied — which is exactly as it sounds. After a base or primer coat is painted on, each nail is dipped into a small pot of colored acrylic powder. This process is repeated until you reach the desired amount of coverage, building up a protective layer over the nails. The powder cures in the air with no UV light required to create a strong, chip-proof bond. Looking for more length? Extensions can be added with Dip nails, too!

GEL EXTENSIONS: The newest option to hit the market, Gel Extensions are already shaped full soft gel nail tip that get secured on the natural nail with gel. They come in different shapes and lengths and are quicker to apply (and less damaging) than traditional acrylic tips. They last and are lightweight enough to feel like your natural nail!

Think you’re ready to schedule your next nail service? Click to book now!

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Ella Bliss Spotlight: Meet Katrina

If you’ve been frequenting our Denver location in the past few months, you may recognize this Ella Bliss spotlight technician. Meet Katrina, our baddie in charge of blowouts. She’s been with our team for nearly half a year now, and we couldn’t be happier to share her talents.

Unlike most of our wonderful staff, Katrina is not a Colorado native. On the contrary, she recently moved here from California 🏝. She graduated from Marinello, and has a 2-year-old Pittie named Brixton 🐶🥺.

She says one of her favorite things about Ella Bliss is our close-knit work culture, as well  as our fun atmosphere! She values her peers’ shared drive to create the best work for customers and is motivated to improve her skills by watching the many talented technicians in-house.

If you were to ask her, a Pretty in Pink Martini and a blowout is the best way to spend relaxation time at EllaBliss. When she’s not working, you may find Katrina enjoying a Crumbl cookie 🍪 (her newest culinary obsession🤤) or trying out a hot new restaurant with her family — she’s a bit of a foodie.

If you’re in need of a blowout, a martini, or some mutually beneficial Tagalog practice (she understands some of the language!), come around to our Denver location Thursday–Saturday to see Katrina’s skills!

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How to Prepare for Spring in Bliss!

With spring comes spring cleaning, and a weekend of hard work to get the house in order ✨. It’s amazing the damage one day of cleaning can do to your beautiful hands! Think: dried prune petrified from the chemicals and water, nails chipped and broken, even torn cuticles. All of which leaves you in dire need of some self-care in the form of a spa day . Why not treat yourself this spring break with a visit to Ella Bliss — you’ve earned it ! Plus, this spring break we can help you with all the services you could possibly want to look refreshed and renewed.

Need a new mani for the spring break trip? We gotchu. Our Gelish soft gel mani is the perfect fit for a quick but transformative fix. Quality and quantity over time mean no missing nails, no missing pool time! These nails are tough as nails. Our selection of styles is as diverse as the customers who come to see us, including short round, medium round, medium coffin ⚰, long coffin, long stiletto , medium stiletto, and square medium.

Booking and planning trips can be stressful, so why not alleviate some of that stress while preparing for the beginning of sandal season? We have the perfect fit for your pedicure — our new CBD upgrade. A blissful hour of your time,  this pedicure can do even more to reduce any extra tension or pain .

Complete your spring break look with the biggest glow-up tools we can offer you, our lash lift and brow lamination. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, this is the “perm of the lash world.” The worst enemy of your curler and the best friend of your lashes. The ultimate cure to the “un-curlables.” The lash lift involves a serum process that curls and thickens, changes the color of your lashes, and creates a more resilient shape. This hour-long appointment can save you precious time on your daily routine, which we know is already limited when on vacation. If you’re kind to your lashes, they’ll be kind back, and last anywhere from six to eight weeks.

Brow lamination also can save you precious time in the routine and is a great fit for the effortless beach baddie look. Bushy but dialed in and polished, always ready for a photo opp, IT IS the best accessory to any dressed down glam. The process is semi-permanent and involves setting lotions to help create and hold your brows! The procedure takes about 35 minutes to an hour and can last up to 6 weeks. Remember to ask for tint to make the brows pop just a bit more. So, what are you waiting for? Spring for a day of self-care at Ella Bliss and create the best spring-season selfies you could ask for!

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