Are Your Eyebrows Working for You?

Eyebrows today are a total S.T.A.T.E.M.E.N.T. and we are here for it! But if you aren’t rocking the right shade or shape, these amazing face accessories maybe be making the wrong statement for you.

Your brows are more than just a fierce way to express yourself. With the right shape and coloring, eyebrows can help:

  • Balance your face to make more symmetrical (and thus more pleasing to the human eye)
  • Enhance or de-emphasize certain facial features with slight adjustments to shape, arch and thickness
  • Frame and flatter your eye color and shape
  • Add more refinement to your look



It helps to have an outsider’s perspective on what works for your face (and what doesn’t). Luckily, the brow specialists at Ella Bliss are trained to do just that. If you’re feeling like your brows aren’t quite working with your overall look, there are a number of things your brow gal can do to turn them into your best feature.

  • Is the shape of your brows and arch defined enough to make an impact? If not, we’ll create a better shape through careful waxing and tweezing.
  • Is the color of your brows dark enough to stand out while also matching your hair and skin tone? If not, we’ll make adjustments by using brow tint to adjust the color.
  • Do you want thicker eyebrows to stay on current trend? Work with the same brow waxer over time to allow your brows to fill in while still looking fab.
  • Don’t have much hair up there? Consult the dynamic duo of brow specialist and Ella Bliss makeup artist to not only find the right shape and color, but also find ways makeup can help you create the fiercest of brows no matter what you’re working with.

girl touching her face

Dark and fierce, soft and romantic or anywhere in between—your perfect brows are waiting to be sculpted at Ella Bliss. Book your brow wax and tint appointment now at any of our Denver-area locations and get ready to hear “nice brows!” all day every day!


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