All The Bliss in Half the Time

We’re not mind readers, but we’ll bet we can guess the number one reason you put off engaging is self-care: “I don’t have time.”

Scary how well we know you, right?

Well friends, we have just the thing for you—Ella Bliss services you can enjoy in 30 minutes or less. See, we think you shouldn’t have to sacrifice looking and feeling your best. With our short-and-sweet spa and nail services, we’re making it easy for you to pop in no matter where you are in the Denver area and enjoy a little you-time.

Fingers & Toes

It’s sandal season, which means you can’t neglect those tootsies for too long. But if you don’t have 55 minutes to spare, you can still pop in for an Express Pedicure and we’ll get you done in half the time. Or just change up your style with a quick polish change.

We’ve got your fingers covered, too, with an Express Manicure or polish change. And if you do have a liiiittle more time, we can give you an Express Mani/Pedi combo.

Color Me Beautiful

Want to really draw attention to your beautiful eyes? A quick stop at Ella Bliss for a lash or brow tint, and no one will be able to – well – keep their eyes off you.

With a lash tint, you can add a luscious natural deepness to your eyes, especially with your favorite mascara. Even better? You can actually go out WITHOUT mascara and still look great.

And forget filling in those brows. Brow tint has a lot of benefits from defining your shape to making them look fuller to darkening light brows. We can even help thinner brows, since the tint will pick up the tiny hairs you might not realize are there!

Smooth As Silk

Okay, we won’t pretend to be able to cram a full Brazilian into 30 minutes or less but we can still accomplish a lot. Besides the standard brow or lip wax, a quick and basic bikini wax is totally doable.

And for a smooth style on the hair you, er, want to keep, you can always stop by Ella Bliss and get spruced up with a dry-hair style.

So there you go. Even when you don’t have a lot of time, we think you have just enough time for a quick self-care appointment at your favorite Ella Bliss location.


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