Does the thought of a massage inspire a blissful “ahhhhh” in your mind? We think of massage as being something soothing and enjoyable. Or for us active folks, it’s a love/hate relationship that keeps your muscles feeling tip top. But did you know that therapeutic massage can actually help with a whole host of other physical issues?

If you’re looking for an excuse to book more regular massages at Ella Bliss, we have a few eyebrow-raising examples of other aches, pains and stressers that can get better with more frequent rub downs. Let’s take a look.

  1. Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain

Okay, yes, this is the obvious one. Most people only get messages when they’ve specifically injured or tweaked their back or neck muscles. But we challenge you to think about your day. Do you spend a lot of time sitting, maybe hunched over a keyboard? Or are you on your feet all day as you work towards conquering the world? Or do you kick butt five days a week at the gym? We’re gonna bet that you experience pain or discomfort a lot more often than you think.

Most people experience pain in the back, shoulder or neck because they’re either overusing the muscles or straining them due to repetitive actions. A one-time massage may help you feel better for the next day or two. But with regular massage appointments, a skilled massage therapist can target your problem areas and release the tension over time, leaving you feeling better and better after each one.

  1. Immune System

Here’s one you probably wouldn’t expect. If you’re prone to colds and flus, regular massage therapy might just be what the doctor ordered.

More and more research supports the benefits massage therapy can have on improving the immune system. The reasons are a bit science-y, but basically boils down to massage affecting a type of white blood cells responsible for fighting off illnesses.  So eat your apple a day, and get your regular massage.

  1. Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Massages reduce cortisol levels in the body and help you feel calmer and less stressed. Physical and emotional stress, anxiety, and depression cause your body’s cortisol levels to increase. Cortisol is the hormone the body produces as a result of stress. That’s not all. Along with decreases in cortisol, serotonin, one of the body’s anti-pain mechanisms, actually increases by an average of 28% after a massage.

On an emotional level, massages are the perfect time to slow the mind and focus on releasing negative thoughts and energy. Be mindful of your thoughts during your massage and use the time to work on your soul while your therapist takes care of your body.

  1. Migraines

Try head massage for migraine relief. Migraines are annoying, painful and often debilitating. When one hits, all you want to do is hide in a dark room and keep your eyes closed. Well, maybe that room should be a massage suite at Ella Bliss!

Some studies have shown that regular deep tissue massages between migraines can provide some relief. The reasons? Part of it goes back to cortisol levels like we talked about above. But massage helps with other areas of the body that cause different types of migraines. Deep tissue massages spend time focusing on the neck and shoulders, which can relieve tension headaches.

Plus, massages improve your circulation and blood flow, which improves oxygen levels and can reduce pain.

  1. Other Kinds of Health Issues

Sports injuries. Joint pain. ADHD. Even Digestive problems. All of these can be helped by regular massage therapy.

Now that you know, it’s time to get booked at Ella Bliss! Come in today and let’s get you on a regular massage schedule—and feeling better than ever.


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