5 Nail Designs for Rockies Fans

Playyyyy baaaaalll! That’s right Bliss babes, baseball season is here. Our Colorado Rockies hope to turn last year’s good season into an even better one in 2019, and we’ve got just the nail styles to help you rock your fandom as the new season starts.

  1. Swing for the Fences

Show your Colorado pride with a mix of solid purple, solid black with the signature ‘CR’ design, and a fun baseball design feature nail. There will be no doubt which team has your loyalty this season!



  1. Triple Play

We’re digging this zig-zag chevron look using the signature purple, black and silver colors. Try it on all nails or use it as a feature nail along with a solid color on the rest.



  1. Line Drive

Want nails that say, “Yes I’m a Rockies fan but I’m also fabulous”? Go with a solid purple nail with a glittery silver accent stripe or two that will remind you of the team’s striped home uniform design.



  1. Secret Hand Signals

For a subtle hint of fandom, we’re huge fans of this simple, subtle, yet beautiful ombre approach. Start with Rockies purple and fade into a spring-y lilac or white, and most people will simply think you just have a pretty manicure—but secretly, you’ll be cheering on your favorite team in style.



  1. Steal Home

Maybe you’re not a huge baseball fun but still want to get in on the gameday fun. Or maybe you simply root for another team (as long as it’s not the Dodgers, we’re ok with that). Whatever the case may be, we love this simple white nail design with a stitched feature nail.


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