5 Cute Nail Ideas for Spring Break

Forget winter reds and jewel tones—spring is right around the corner and your nails could use a fresh new look to usher in the season.

This year’s spring nail trends run the gamut from simple to zany, leaving you with plenty of fun and fabulous options to try out with your favorite Ella Bliss nail artist.


  1. KISS—Keep It Simple & Stunning

Don’t underestimate the beauty of a simple design! While we saw some of this last year, 2018 is keeping this trend alive, with fun new twists. Start with a good mani with a clear coat or pale nail color and add a single design element such as a dot or straight line. Stick with a stark black for a chic look or add a pop of color in your favorite pastel.


Image: Instagram user @mpnails


  1. Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Forget jewel tones and just go for jewels. Gem nails are all the rage, and you can dress them up or down according to your style or plans. Choose anything from a tiny gem all fingers to elaborate feature nails with colorful gems, sparkling crystals or even gorgeous flowers.


Image: Instagram user @chorubim


  1. Tell It Like It Is

Got something to say? Tell the world—with your nails! We’re seeing statement nails pop up all over the place. Spell out your message letter by letter on each nail, or keep it cute with a short message. A steady-handed nail artists can whip these up for you, or you can look into stick-on words and letter for your artist to apply during your manicure.


Image: Instagram user @ane_li


  1. Funky Fresh French

A good French manicure is always in style, but why stick to plain Jane white tips when you can jazz things up with spring spirit? We’ve seen so many great ways to sport a French. Change up the pattern on the tips, use bright neon over nude, or try a duo of matte nail with metallic tip.


Image: Instagram user @gawkishpolish


  1. Full-On Floral

Take a cue from nature herself and paint spring right on your nails! Find your favorite flower or leaf pattern, mix and match your colors and wave hello to spring in blooming style.


Image: Instagram user @londonbrolly


Ready to give one of these spring trends a try? Book your appointment today with an Ella Bliss nail artist. And don’t forget your toes!

Need some nail art inspiration before your appointment? Check out our Nail Portfolio for some of our very own creations!


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