3 Reasons to Throw a September Spa Party

September is a serious month. Summer’s coming to an end, kids are back in school and work is busy. Why not take a break from your to-do list and treat yourself (and your friends) to a September Spa Party? Here are three reasons we think it’s a must-do:

The kids are back in school. Yes, we already said this, but it bears repeating. Now that they’re back in the swing of things, you have some precious you-time back! Don’t worry, you can still help them with school work when you get home.

You didn’t see your friends all summer. Between vacations, work and the crazy-busy summer days, there are bound to be friends you haven’t connected with in months. Now’s the time to do it, preferably over cocktails and a pedicures.

Summer is tough on beauty. Sun, heat, dirt, and sweat take a toll on your skin, hair, and nails. Repair the damage with some serious spa time, from facials to pedicures to deep conditioning treatments for your locks.

Ready to throw your own September Spa Party? Call or book online today and your personal party planner will take care of all the details. You just pick the guest list and services!


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