10 New Habits to Add to Your Beauty Routine This Year

It’s not just a new year—it’s a new decade! And that means it’s the perfect time to spruce up your beauty routine and start doing the things you really should have been doing all along (better late than never!).

We talked to Ella Bliss estheticians and scoured tips and tricks from beauty experts to put together this list of new habits to add to your beauty routine in 2020 and beyond.

  1. Put your eye cream in the fridge

woman applying eye cream
The purpose of eye cream is to soothe the skin under your eyes and decrease puffiness. Cooling your cream not only adds to the affect, it also feels so amazing.

Bonus fridge tip: keep your nail polish here as well, as this keeps it from thickening over time!

  1. Layer your face products from thinnest to thickest

Moisturizers, serums, creams, primers—it’s easy to just haphazardly apply everything you got in whatever order you pick it up from your counter. But you’re doing your products (and your face) a huge disservice! The oils found in thicker creams is ideal for sealing and setting the skin. So, apply those last.

  1. Invest in makeup setting spray

We probably don’t have to convince you about the benefits of primer, so we’re going to move on what will become your next beauty BFF: setting spray. Do you have to spruce up your makeup midday? Do a quick powder or eyeshadow reapplication before heading to happy hour after work? Setting spray takes care of that. Really. A few quick spritzes after you’re done applying makeup in the morning, and you’ll be set for the REST OF THE DAY. Honestly, it’s amazing.

  1. Use a humidifier


Humidifiers are so good for you on a number of levels. Colorado’s dry climate means moisture is so important to our skin and hair. Run a humidifier and not only will your skin look and feel better, your hair will be less staticky and dull.

  1. Stop using towels to dry your hair

We learned the towel-wrap trick almost as soon as we can stand up in a shower by ourselves. But, we’re actually not doing our hair any favors! Instead of a towel, use a microfiber hair towel or even an old t-shirt. This will help prevent breakage and keep more moisture in your hair as it dries.

  1. Explore the many unconventional uses of lip balm

We loved this tip we read from SELF magazine beauty editor Rachel Jacoby Zoldan. “You can moisturize cuticles, fix frizzy spots or cowlicks, or add a bit of glossiness to your eyelids…my hero tube is equally as effective to use on my lids and lashes in a pinch, giving me that dewy, I’m-made-up-but-not look that I love so much.”

  1. Apply dry shampoo before bedtime

There’s nothing worse than a powered scalp giving away your lazy hair day. Instead, spritz on the dry shampoo at night before you head to bed, then twist up into a loose bun. It will work overnight to absorb oils, and if you have fine hair, you’ll wake up with more volume.

  1. Turn your shower into a spa

essential oils

Add a few drops of essential oils to your shower and let it steam for a couple of minutes before you get in. Have trouble sleeping? Try lavender. Need a morning energizer? Add a little lemongrass. Take some deep breaths and enjoy this little moment of self-care.

  1. Wiggle your mascara wand

This is a secret tip passed on from makeup artists as the best way to fully coat your lashes while avoiding clumps. Begin your wiggle at the base of your lash and work your way up.

  1. Try new things

You never know what product or process might become your new favorite thing. One great way to try things out? Come to Ella Bliss! Our stylists, estheticians and makeup artists are constantly trying out new products and keeping up on the latest trends in skincare, hair care and self-care.


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